LAR Limited is a software development company specialising in bespoke web-based applications. We are located in Saratov, which you might have heard of. No? Well, it wouldn’t surprise us. Saratov is a city in the middle of Russia with a population of around one million. We have created a web site for you to find out more about our city—and to prove there is life in Russia beyond Moscow!

We are UK oriented

Most of our clients are based in the UK and we have been working with and supporting many of our current clients on a long-term basis. Our employees frequently travel to the UK and some of them have worked in the UK on short-term contracts.

We seek to add value

We are not here to offer you cheap rates or sell you people as a commodity. We are here to understand your business, add value and share our knowledge.

Exceptional Productivity

We work in a small team of highly skilled and motivated people. We have a very unusual corporate culture akin to start-ups and smaller companies. Our people stay motivated by sharing ideas, supporting each other and through the transparency which exists within the company.

As a client you benefit from our productivity, responsiveness and responsibility, which, as our existing clients will testify, not even local companies can match.

We do more than just code your application—we seek to understand your business and to be understood through clarity of purpose. We engage in pro-active conversation to find work directions that will bring better returns for your company and we are open about what we can achieve—there are no “trade secrets” for us to fall back on.

So what you want to know now is: can we help you with your project? This simple table explains our position in the market:

Your budget is a few million dollars; you have thousands of pages of specification and many managers working on top of each otherSelect an ISO- and CMM-certified offshore giant with a few thousand code monkeysYou have a budget ranging from ten thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. You have a very good idea of your requirements and needs, not necessarily expressed in technical terms and you have a motivation to deliver a great product.

Hire us!

You have a few thousand dollars, some idea of what you want, but you are uncertain if it will make moneyFind a freelancer or a micro company (2–3 people)—preferably local, so the communication overhead is minimal

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Как мы работаем

Гибким графиком ИТшников не удивить. В последние годы все больше крупных фирм предпочитают плавающий график работы фиксированному. Безусловно, очень удобно добираться на работу и с работы не в час пик, не тратя безумное количество времени и сил на дорогу, иметь возможность синхронизировать график работы со второй половиной… Мы в этом вопросе не являемся исключением. Гибкость […]

ЛАР улетел в трубу

Начнем, пожалуй, с главного — покажем короткое промо-видео, которое Google «скреативил» по нашему заказу , а затем расскажем, как это было. Кстати, добавляйтесь в круги команды ЛАР в Google+, ну или подписывайтесь на страницу в Facebook, как вам удобнее. Все мероприятие проходило в «Аэро» (стрелковый клуб «Медведь»), именно там с недавних пор стоит аэротруба. С информацией о стоимости, отзывами от […]